One Child at a Time

  • Academic Progress

  • Overcoming Dyslexia

  • Skills Instruction

  • Homework Help

Individuals with dyslexia can learn, but they often need specialized instruction to overcome the problem.




We believe every child wants to succeed. We build a foundation of success by teaching the way they need to learn, and helping them heal their frustration around learning.

We believe children know exactly where they are struggling and how they best learn. We Listen. Students help decide their own academic goals and approach.

We believe children’s needs constantly evolve. We accommodate those needs as they acquire new skills or are faced with new expectations at school.

Our Philosophy

  • Curriculum Planning

  • Advisory Teaching

  • Textbook Library

  • Consultations

  • State Assessments

Homeschool Help

Our credentialed teachers help your children stay on track with homeschooling.

We offer a level of attention that franchise tutoring centers cannot achieve.


The mission of Home Schoolhouse is to serve one child at a time through compassionate instruction appropriate to his or her learning style and needs.

Locally Owned

Home Schoolhouse
410 NW 5th St.
Corvallis, OR 97330
Phone: (541) 758-0449
Email: suzanne@homeschoolhouse.net